NZ Made Fire Protection That The World’s Buildings Relies Upon

Posted on August 24, 2020

Making Fire Protection Systems for Australasia

David Percy, Founder of Pertronic has been interested in technology and manufacturing for 4+ decades, turning his hobby into a substantial New Zealand business employed over 100 Kiwi’s. In this episode we discuss why David Percy does what he does, how the increased availability of electronic components has helped upgrade the display features of building fire protection systems and how fire prevention systems have improved.

Growing The Pertronic Team

The Pertronic team includes 157 people across New Zealand and Pertronic shares how they are competing for talent and their advantage of being based in Wellington to attract talent from the factory floor all the way up to the computer scientists.

Pertronic has recently invested in building bigger premises after the existing production building was bursting at the seams.

The Importance Of Testing NZ Coded Software

“It’s got to be bulletproof” according to David Percy. The importance of testing is at the heart of what Pertronic Fire Protection Systems is all about. “Everything is about testing, testing, testing. Essentialy it’s got to be bulletproof when it leaves here. With some other product if you read all sorts of R&D things, you’ll see ‘fail fast’ and so on and sometimes products are put out into the market where there are known bugs but essentially that’s not an option that’s available to us.”

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