Tides Out Maps: Mapping out artistic success

Posted on February 16, 2023

While taking a year off from his engineering job, Matt Peacock’s passion for art, coupled with a friend who kept telling him to turn it into a business, led him to found Tides Out Maps.

The business sells handcrafted wooden depth maps based on the waterways of New Zealand.

Peacock has found his entrepreneurial fulfilling and is especially proud of just how satisfied his customers are with his maps.

What the business has to offer

The range of the maps is vast, covering all of New Zealand, and even some international options too, with each map being 100% geographically accurate.

There’s also a lot of customisable options on offer for customers, with Peacock making sure that everything is perfectly suited to each customer’s needs, whatever they may be.

“It is our mission to make every map that goes out our door just a little bit different. Before we start making your product, we’ll check in to see if you’d like to add a custom engraving at a location that’s special to you. Whether it’s your favourite fishing spot, your beloved holiday home, or even the place you fell in love… let us know and we’ll add your memory to your map.”

The artworks are mostly sold locally, with a few are exported to Australia. They’re sold primarily on Tides Out Maps’ website, and via Instagram.

Peacock and his team are fortunate to have started up towards the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, so the virus affected the business far less than others.

Proud to be NZ made

Peacock takes pride in the fact Tides Out Maps is New Zealand Made through-and-through. Each map is designed and constructed right here with remarkable attention to detail.

Setting his sights to the future, Peacock says he would like Tides Out Maps to continue growing and reaching more clients, while also being able to make a personalised relationship with all of its unique consumers.



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