Pro snowboarder cooks up a storm

Posted on June 16, 2022

When professional snowboarder Robert Mitchell got injured, he turned to his great, great-grandfather’s bone broth recipe.

The recipe was brought to New Zealand when his grandfather came to look for gold, and three generations on, worked wonders for Mitchell’s recovery.

Mitchell found that he was going to the doctors when he was injured, and he’d always get the usual medication to help his pain.

While these were useful, he noted that what he fed himself while he was healing was also incredibly important.

“I have used bone broth to rehabilitate injuries in the past with great results. This led me to develop Mitchell’s Bone Broth Powder, made using our traditional recipe, and dried to remove the water but preserve the rich nutritional profile.

“It really helps bounce back from an injury and recover from a heavy session to stay strong to keep doing what I love.”

Mitchell says making original bone broth took a lot of time and painstaking effort, especially when one of his arms was in a sling. But four years on, he was finally successful in creating a winning formula.

He says bone broth is packed with healthy, nutritious ingredients like amino acids, collagen, and proline, that improve the wellbeing of others.

Mitchell’s Bone Broth Powder is also dairy free, gluten free, and legume free, and it contains no antibiotics or hormones.

The future

The last year has been difficult for Mitchell, as logistics became far more of a challenge and prices increased across the board.

However, sales have surged, as the pandemic has amped up the demand for healthy, natural food and a surge in local support.

Mitchell has had some trouble finding subcontractors. He says that patience, perseverance, determination have been the key to solving these problems.

The entrepreneur is inspired by ideas that are outside of the norm. He loves it when people follow their interests and people that create new products or ideas.

A year from now, he sees the business growing its product range and getting into export markets. Currently, Mitchell’s Nutrition sells mainly online, selling DTC and stock to roughly 50 independently owned health stores in NZ and posting some orders to Australia.

NZ Made

All its ingredients are New Zealand-grown. Its products are created from 100% grass fed bone and vegetable. Mitchell is proud that the bone broth consists of products that are grown, raised, processed, and packed in this country.

Mitchell says he will continue to expand his business and strive to make more nutritious and healthy food products.
“Our mission is to elevate the standard of mental and physical wellness through innovative health supplements made locally using premium New Zealand ingredients.”



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